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Step 1:

Submit your selected photo and description via email @ [email protected] For best results, please make sure your image contains great detail such as visible facial lines or eyelashes. If you require a portrait with more than one pet or person and you do not have a photograph of them together, separate photographs may be used to make up the composition.

Step 2:

Once your photograph has been received, I will contact you to discuss the details regarding the piece. During the creative process I will provide you with regular updates including photographs of the progress. The timeline will depend on the size, the medium, and the number of subjects included in the work.

Step 3:

Please remember, the detail of the final portrait is directly related to the quality and focus of the photograph provided. Once the piece is ready, I will be sending you a digital proof for you to review. If you feel that any modifications should be made, I will make the requested modifications and send it back for your confirmation. Only then will the completed product will be sent to you.

Should you have any further questions please do not 

hesitate to contact us.